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New User Orientation / Re: Welcome to the Forums! (Suggested Read)
« Last post by First Female President on September 01, 2011, 08:16:40 AM »
Welcome, newfriends~
New User Orientation / Re: Welcome to the Forums! (Suggested Read)
« Last post by Choc on September 01, 2011, 04:52:43 AM »
Requesting sticky and feedback.  Also, I'll keep this up to date myself, just PM me if anything needs to be changed.
New User Orientation / Welcome to the Forums! (Suggested Read)
« Last post by Choc on September 01, 2011, 04:51:57 AM »
Welcome to the eUS forums!

My name is Choc.  I'll be your guide for this tour of our special little corner of the interweb.   As with any community, we have our own special characteristics, and my job today is to teach you a bit about how our community works.

History - These forums are the third embodiment of the national forums for the United States of America in eRepublik, a political simulation.  While those were the roots of the forum and the starting point for the community, the forum has adapted over time and is no longer inhabited solely by eRepublikans (nor Americans, as the URL might suggest).  In fact, the community is constantly evolving and finding new interests to share with eachother - including yours!

Forum Structure - The forum is split into two general categories, eRepublik and Off Topic.  The eRepublik boards are the "eRepublik General Discussion", "United States Armed Forces", and "The Capitol" boards.  These boards are reserved strictly for discussion of eRepublik matters, so don't go into the USAF forum expecting to discuss military weaponry and the manueverability of various aircraft (Save those for off topic).  These are generally moderated more heavily, especially the Capitol and Armed Forces board, to promote gameplay.

The second groupings of boards is the "Off-Topic" section.  This originally served as a fun distraction from eRepublik, but as time progressed and more people lost interest in eRepublik, off topic began to take on a persona and culture of its own as players were ready to move on from the game, but not from the community.  It now consists of a healthy mix of (sometimes ex)eRepublikans and various friends we've picked up along the way, and is slowly evolving into a larger and more vigorous domain.   Topics discussed are quite random, although politics, economics, video games, and military affairs tend to be very popular.

That said, here is a list of suggestions to help you adapt to the community:

1)  Don't forget that this is the internet. 

2)  You have the ability to report any post you find offensive, please do so.  We generally follow a community moderated approach, meaning that the moderators aren't out hunting for people to punish.  If you felt offended by someones post (either because of the content of it or because the tone), report it and a moderator will review the case.  If you're worried your post may be too "edgy" then tone it down until you get a better idea of where the community barriers stand.

3)  Get a feel for the various off topic boards.  Know the difference between Random and RL Banter.  RL Banter trends towards more serious discussion and policy debates.  Random is...well..random and exists more for your internet meme culture type threads.  If you're making a thread try to make sure its in the right subforum (if there is one), and if there isn't put it in Random or RL Banter, depending on content.

4)  Take your time getting to know the tone and culture.  As with any long standing forum, this is a pretty tight nit community and while we love new guys, we have plenty of old friendships around.  If someones calling GF/Eeyore some sort of obscenity, don't think too much of it, we do it because we love him.

5)  There are a lot of current events/politics/whatever debates - don't share an opinion unless you're willing to take heat for it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm could try to convince you that the world is all flowers and whatnot but really, debates can get rowdy and if you provide some obscure argument with no rational backing and no evidence, you're liable to be called an idiot (This ties back to rule #1).  If you aren't interested in fighting over talking points with people, then don't - there are a lot of less heated/controversial threads to participate in.

6)  If you have a question, ask it.  It really doesn't matter who you ask, if someone seems friendly just shoot them a PM.  If you can't think of someone to ask, shoot a PM to the moderator of the relevant forum (unless its Vincent, that guys a dick).   If you're comfortable asking publicly you can feel free to ask in this thread.  Also, check out the forum discussion board for ways to participate in the development of the community or to make suggestions. 

Have a good time, and if you have any questions, you know what to do.  If you don't know what to do reread this post until you know what to do, then do it.

Your Family-Friendly Off-Topic Orienteer
Chocolate McSkittles


Q&A  -  Ask questions in this thread and I shall add them

Do I need to play eRepublik to frequent these forums?

No.  A large portion of the active forum base no longer plays eRepublik, but simply enjoyed the company of the friends we met. 

Is this forum Americacentric?  I'm from Euroland and the URL scares me because I think you're all a bunch of redneck hicks.

The demographics skew towards Americans, but we have a decent international base as well.  Anyone should feel comfortable participating, just recognize that the generally used language is going to be english and the current events/politics discussions are likely to be based on the American perspective (Although it's always interesting to gain new perspectives).

My topics kind of weird, is it alright if I post it?

Generally you're fine to post whatever so long as it isn't ridiculously obscene or pornographic.  If in doubt, ask the moderator of the forum in question.  If it's too "weird" either people will :3 at it or not post, don't worry about it, we're not running out of forums yet.

I have a question about eRepublik, who should I ask?

There's no set rule for this, but my suggestion would be to either ask a moderator of one of the eRepublik boards or post a question thread either here in the welcoming committee or in general erepublik discussion.  I would suggest the latter.
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