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General eRepublik Discussion / Re: Funding small business and investing !
« Last post by Zcia on Today at 10:11:15 AM »
The concept of an erep mutual fund made me giggle and then the idea of selling real mutual funds on this site made me laugh out loud.
I am interested!  Tell me more!
General eRepublik Discussion / Funding small business and investing !
« Last post by Golden80s on Today at 08:58:32 AM »
I am a private investor that specializes in providing all types of investments funding including mutual funds, personal
He's an ideological beother of Syrup.
Gaming / Re: Carey's Board Game Mega Thread
« Last post by Carey on Today at 07:59:34 AM »
So since I have no self control (I've been eyeing this one for a while anyway), I made a new addition last night!

I present to you, Stone Age. I've watched a bunch of Youtube review and rules videos before playing this, so I had a fairly good idea on how it was played. This game is the introduction to worker placement style games. You listen to any review on this game, and they will most likely at some point tell you this is a must have for introducing people to the worker placement mechanic.

The first game, I played with one other person, so we had to use the 2 player variant rules, which just basically limits where you can send workers. Along the top and right edge of the board are different areas. Top left corner are the hunting grounds where any number of meeples from any number of players can go to gather food (Will explain importance of this later). then continuing, you have the Forest, Clay Pit, Stone Quarry, and River, where you can send your meeples to gather resources such as wood, clay, stone, and gold. When playing with 2 people, only 1 person's  meeples can occupy one of these zones at a time (with the exception of the hunting grounds). 3 player variant allows only meeples from 2 different people in a zone, so if there are 2 different tribes in the forest already, the third player, cannot send his people to the forest, even if there is room.

Each resource location has room for 7 meeples. Depending on the number of workers you send there, depends on the amount of dice you get to roll. For instance, if I send 3 workers to the forest, at the end of the round (after all meeples have been placed), I will roll 3 dice to see how much wood those workers collected. Each resource has a divider as well. Wood is 3, Clay is 4, Stone is 5, and gold is 6. How it works is, if I roll 3 dice at the forest and get a 4, 4, 2 as results. I get a total of 10. I take 10, divide by 3, and my workers would collectively gather 3 wood for the tribe (remainders get thrown out). If I got that roll and had my meeples at the river, I would get 1 gold since 6 goes into 10 only once. You can acquire tools which let you modify the dice result.

Acquiring tools, along with increasing agriculture, and getting more meeples to place, are options that are in the village area of the board. There are 3 options there. in a 2 and 3 player game, only 2 of these 3 options are allowed to be used in a round. To increase your agriculture skill, you send a worker to the farm/fields. This essentially gives you a permanent increase which allows you to feed your people for free. To get an additional meeple to place, (you start the game with 5), you send two workers to the hut - or commonly called "Love Shack", and at the end of the round, you get an additional meeple from the reserves. The other option is to get a tool which you would just send 1 meeple to the tool shack to gather a tool.

At the end of each round, after all players have taken their gather actions, each tribe needs to feed their people at the cost of 1 food per person. If you don't have enough food, you can pay 1 resource in exchange for 1 food. If you cannot do that, or choose not to, you loose 10 points for each member of the tribe that you can't feed.

Lastly, there are cards at the bottom of the board which are also end of game situations. to the left are stacks of 7 buildings. The number of stacks are based on the number of players. During the round, you can send a worker to one of the top cards to build that building. At the end of the round, you pay the resource requirement shown at the bottom, get the victory point total at the top, and then add it to your player sheet. On the right are civilization cards, which have an immediate effect and an end game scoring effect. These cards are wildly important and I misjudged exactly how important they were and ended up getting stomped by over 60 points at the end because of it. The game ends when either the civilization cards run out, or one of the building stacks runs out.

All-in-all I really enjoyed the game, it's a nice, quick, fast paced game that plays in 60-90 minutes and a welcome addition to my collection.

Gaming / Re: Carey's Board Game Mega Thread
« Last post by Carey on Today at 07:40:07 AM »
Played Blood Rage last night with my cousin and his GF.

He had a few really slick plays that netted him a bunch of points and ended up demolishing us in points at the end. I played a little differently this time to try a new strategy of buying real cheap things or things that I could play for free. Because of this, my dependency on Rage (payment to do actions) was lessened, but I didn't build up my Horns stat (Allows you to have more models on the board), so I was throttled down for the first 2 ages. I think that's ultimately what hurt me in the end.

It's looking better and better though each time I break it out and have more painted models to use. It really brings the experience to the next level.
Current Events / Re: 2020 Presidential Primary Draft Game
« Last post by Detective Jason on Today at 06:53:33 AM »
“House GOP leaders have launched an internal review into how someone secretly recorded and leaked audio of a private 2016 leadership meeting in which Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) jokes about how Russia is paying off Donald Mr. T.,” The Hill reports.

“GOP leadership is currently researching what federal statutes or House rules could be applied to hold the leaker accountable. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has voiced concerns that more audio recordings of sensitive leadership discussions could be leaked.”

Not sure where else to post this but it's somewhat relevant to this thread:
Rural America Is the New ‘Inner City’

“A Wall Street Journal analysis shows that since the 1990s, sparsely populated counties have replaced large cities as America’s most troubled areas by key measures of socioeconomic well-being—a decline that’s accelerating.”

“In terms of poverty, college attainment, teenage births, divorce, death rates from heart disease and cancer, reliance on federal disability insurance and male labor-force participation, rural counties now rank the worst among the four major U.S. population groupings (the others are big cities, suburbs and medium or small metro areas).”

“In fact, the total rural population—accounting for births, deaths and migration—has declined for five straight years.”
Current Events / Re: President Trump
« Last post by Detective Jason on Today at 06:49:23 AM »
“Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch once close to President Mr. T.’s former campaign manager, has offered to cooperate with congressional committees investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, but lawmakers are unwilling to accept his conditions,” the New York Times reports.

“Mr. Deripaska’s offer comes amid increased attention to his ties to Paul Manafort, who is one of several Mr. T. associates under F.B.I. scrutiny for possible collusion with Russia during the presidential campaign.”

“Mr. Deripaska, an aluminum magnate who is a member of the inner circle of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, recently offered to cooperate with congressional intelligence committees in exchange for a grant of full immunity… But the Senate and House panels turned him down because of concerns that immunity agreements create complications for federal criminal investigators.”

“The Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential race, has asked President Mr. T.’s political organization to gather and produce all documents, emails and phone records going back to his campaign’s launch in June 2015,” the Washington Post reports.

“Dozens of former staffers are expected to be contacted in the coming days to make sure they are aware of the request.”
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