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Forum Update
August 7, 2016


During attempts to get the Rust server to restart should it decide to crash evidently one of my commands changed a firewall rule to reject ALL INCOMING connections.  I didn't edit the firewall directly, I only was working with getting services to start at server boot.  A reboot then shut everyone out.

I apologize for the downtime and for how long it took me to troubleshoot this issue.  A side note - Rust connections should work now too, I'm off to test that.


eUSA Forums News

A thread for things that support my, recognized, confirmation bias because it is my thread.

This post reserved for something else when I decide what to do with it.

Added to portal by LordRahl2 - August 23, 2016, 10:22:55 AM
First, welcome to the eUSA Forums.  No matter how you got here, we're glad to have you.  This forum serves as a location for eRepublik players to socialize, discuss topical items and organize governmental functions.  It also has an active gaming community and will be hosting several game servers.  Finally there is a vibrant and interactive discussion board covering every topic under the sun.

However, in order for you to take advantage of all that we offer you will need to do the following:  go to your profile and add two member groups that will give you access to the Gaming and non eRepublik Discussion areas.  There will be a link to the exact area of your profile after the following two screenshots:

1.  Add the FORUM - Gaming and FORUM - General Discussion membergroups by clicking the "Join Group" link as outlined below:

2.  If at some time in the future  (maybe right now, who knows?) you would like to remove your access to any of the three main areas (eRepublik, Gaming or General Discussion) you can do so by selecting the radio button next to the group you want to leave and clicking the "Leave Group" link to the right.

For those of you not here for eRepublik you can make one of the other two FORUM groups your primary membergroup.  This will grant you a different Forum ID Badge above your Avatar when posting.  The current default is set to an eRepublik badge.  Select the radio button next to the group you want to be identified with and click the "Make Primary Group" button in the lower right.


Added to portal by PigInZen - October 04, 2011, 01:05:58 PM

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Add a reminder not to forget that I wanted to do ;)


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